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Asbestos Removal Calgary

Asbestos is a material made up of 6 different fibrous minerals. It was widely used prior to the mid-1970 due to the many benefits it had with one of the most notable being its flame retardant capabilities. However, it has one major downside: it poses a serious health risk and there are thousands of recorded cases of serious health complications brought about by asbestos. As such, if you are a Calgary resident and have asbestos as part of your building structure, it would be in your best interest to acquire the services of an asbestos removal Calgary company so as to avert a potential disaster.


Where exactly can I find asbestos in my house?

Well, asbestos is quite common in most old structures. It is considered as being extremely dangerous especially in old structures due to the fact it tends to disintegrate more and more with age. The fibers then become airborne after which they can be easily inhaled

Some of the most common sections where asbestos can be found include:

  • Old floor tiles
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Roof shingles
  • Siding insulation: around hot water pipes, boilers, fireplaces
  • Wall insulation


What exactly is the health risk posed by asbestos?

Asbestos was officially banned in the US in 1978, but installers were allowed to use up their remaining stock. Asbestos is considered dangerous due to its fibrous nature. As already mentioned, asbestos is fibrous in nature and as a result, some of the fibers tend to get dislodged and end up floating around in air.

When inhaled, the mineral-based fibers can bring about reduced respiratory function and in some instances also cause enlargement of the heart due to the increased resistance of blood flow through the lungs. Asbestos inhalation also increases the chances of an individual developing mesothelioma and lung cancer. As such, acquiring the services of an asbestos removal Calgary company is highly recommended.


How does asbestos removal work?

Professional asbestos removal Calgary companies make use of a number of techniques to remove asbestos. For starters, an analysis has to be first carried out to determine the fixtures that have asbestos after which the removal can start. Specialized safety gear is used when removing the asbestos and as a norm, you might be asked to vacate your house for a few days while this is being carried out: for safety reasons.

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