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Calgary Asbestos

Calgary Asbestos

Calgary Asbestos | Asbestos is a natural mineral that was mined from rock that became popular in the industrial revolution during late 1800’s. The reason for the frequent use of Asbestos was:

  • Asbestos is fire-resistant.
  • It Bond’s minerals together and has long-lasting durability and flexibility.
  • Asbestos is an excellent insulator for noise and electricity.
  • Asbestos is also heavily resistant to chemical corrosion and biological growth.

Due to all of these reasons Asbestos has been a popular product for centuries in the use of construction of residential and commercial businesses.

Calgary Asbestos | DANGERS

Calgary Asbestos | One of the primary characteristics of asbestos fibers is how it is broken down. The majority of filament fibers are broken down into smaller pieces. Asbestos is broken throughout their length thus becoming smaller, thinner fibers. The extremely small fibers can get lodged into your lungs and resist your natural defense system from removing them naturally. The scar tissue that occur in your lungs due to the asbestos fibers can eventually lead to lung cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis of the lungs.


Calgary Asbestos | The majority of the water & fire restoration projects have the issue of possible asbestos-containing material. The asbestos needs to be addressed prior to any work commencing. Asbestos, for the most part, has been banned from the majority of construction use for over 30 years but homes or buildings built after 1980 should consult with an Asbestos specialist. It is generally recommended that any building built after 1985 be tested to ensure that no traces of asbestos exist. Homeworks Restoration can have all necessary tests and examinations be done for asbestos in your property. We will conduct an asbestos test and analysis to ensure you and your home are not at risk. This report will determine if Asbestos is present and whether the risk factor is low, moderate or high.

If you have any further questions regarding a potential asbestos issue with your property or to book an asbestos test and examination, give us a call at (403) 242-2802. We can help you take the right course of action, starting with asbestos testing of your home or business.