Fire Damage Restoration

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

What to expect from a professional Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration service

Fire safety along with fire & smoke damage restoration services, have come a long way. Nowadays, there are systems and standards in place to protect individuals against potential fire hazards such as inadequate fire extinguishing systems. Sadly, however, fires and the resulting fire damage are still a very common occurrence today.

After a fire, both commercial and residential properties are bound to sustain some degree of fire and smoke damage. Fortunately, fire and smoke damage restoration services can help with some of the damage caused by fire and smoke, enabling inhabitants and owners to resume their normal day to day as soon as possible.

Every fire and smoke damage restoration scenario is different, but the end goal is always to transform a structure that has sustained fire damage into a safe, clean, and odor-free environment. For this to be done efficiently, the building, as well as all the contents within must be assessed, restored, and returned to its original pristine quality in the most affordable and eco-friendly way possible.

It is also important to rely on a qualified, experienced, and reliable Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration team such as HomeWorks Restoration that can get the job done correctly the first time.


Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Process

Immediately after the fire

You may have managed to put out the fire, but the soot and smoke must be completely removed as well from the surfaces that are damaged. The contents of your building or apartment must also be evaluated to determine whether they should be restored or replaced altogether.

Pack out services

To ensure that any undamaged items remain undamaged, the pack out team will move them to a safe environment where they will be stored until the Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration is completed. The pack out team is trained to handle your items delicately and with care and sensitivity.

Removal of debris

Any fallen structures, drywall, flooring and charred materials must be removed at the start of the restoration process. The restoration experts will demolish and clear up and debris so that the real work can begin.


To get the best results from the restoration process, the deodorizing procedures must be carried out early on. Deodorizing can only be done using the right equipment and cleaning solutions so that any odors can be eliminated from your space.

Cleaning of contents

The best Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration service will utilize up-to-date technology such as ozone chambers and ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean your assets and return them to their pre-loss state.

If you or someone you know is in need of a fire & smoke damage restoration specialist, be sure to contact our team at HomeWorks Restoration. Our team is both COR & IICRC certified, making sure that your project is safe in our hands.

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