Mold Restoration

Mold Removal

Mold is dangerous for your home or business

It is impossible to remove the mold and fungal spores that created the mold from the premises, a mold remediation will remove the mold, but cannot ensure that it will not return. Fungal spores naturally float around in the environment and are prolific during the summer and fall. It is not uncommon for people to have allergies associated with mold, the allergenic reaction symptoms are similar to hay fever symptoms due to pollen and dust. Even though fungal spores and mold are a normal part of nature’s recycling system, molds in our homes and businesses are not.

Fungal spores will attack and clump to form mold when provided the right environment. This includes damp basements, unclean conditions etc. When mold is allowed to grow, the release of toxins can become dangerous and cause harm to individuals ranging from sinus congestion to major respiratory issues.

What is the first step in Mold Remediation?

If the mold is not readily visible, we can determine where the problem could potentially be hiding inside walls and attic spaces by using our diagnostic equipment, including thermal image cameras and non-evasive moisture meters.

For any questions or inquiries regarding mold growth, processes, and potential risks feel free to call us at (403) 242-2802. Call today for a free initial inspection where we can provide suggestions on how to proceed in a safe and expedient manner.

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