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Sewage Clean-Up & Categories Of Water Quality

Although a small flood may seem harmless at first, there is a high likelihood that the water in your home or office might also be contaminated from flood damage or a sewage back-up. If this is the case, you could be dealing with either one of the three categories of contaminated water. Each category of contaminated water has its various challenges and clean up methods. Whichever the case, it is clear that immediate sewage clean-up is necessary if you want to keep everyone within the building safe. Here are the three main categories of contaminated water:

Category 1 water

If your house is every caught in a flood, the best kind of water category to have is category 1 water. Category 1 water is also known as white or clear water. Category 1 water comes from a clean water source such as from a busted pipe or the faucet supply line.

When left untreated, category 1 water can easily transition and become category 2 water depending on various factors such as the temperature of the space, the duration it has been left unchecked, as well as whether it has come into contact with any contaminants.

Category 2 water

Category 2 water is also called grey water. Category 2 water arises as a result of water loss from unsanitary sources such as from a toilet overflow. Because toilet water may contain urine and traces of fecal matter, grey water’s contamination can cause sickness or extreme discomfort when ingested. Like clear water, grey water can also become a lot more polluted if a sewage clean-up team is not called for extraction.

Category 3 water

Category 3 water is the worst kind of water contamination. It is commonly referred to as black water and is the most harmful of all three categories. Category 3 water takes place owing to natural disasters or sewage damage, which means that it contains significantly higher levels of toxic materials and other pathogens that can lead to an array of diseases.


What to do when you have a sewage back-up

Sewage damage is the most dangerous of all kinds of water clean-up. The presence of blood-borne pathogens and other contaminants is extremely high so the clean-up should only be left to professional sewage clean-up teams and services that not only have the skills and years of experience to handle the job but the correct tools as well. Any technician that undertakes the responsibility should have the proper certification and licenses so that the sewage clean-up can be completed safely.

If your home or business experiences a sewage back-up and are in need of immediate and/or emergency assistance, be sure to contact us at HomeWorks Restoration. Our team is experienced, professional, and trustworthy when it comes to any of your water damage and sewage clean-up restoration needs.

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