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  • John and his crew came to our home for demolition due to a flood in our basement. Timing for demo was essential and John and his team were extremely prompt and timely. He was very professional and did not hesitate to keep us up to date on the progress and answered any questions that we were concerned about. He completed the task quickly, efficiently, and left nothing unfinished. We were very happy working with John and his crew, and would not hesitate to recommend his company and the peace of mind that came with it. Excellent Service.

    T & S Montefresco
  • Cedarglen Living worked closely with Homeworks Restoration during the abatement project at 222 15 Ave SW. This multi-unit building was set to be demolished to make way for a larger condo project. It contained asbestos in 3 separate areas: Exterior stucco, drywall to unit 1 and exterior flat roof mastic. Homeworks was able to provide a reduced scope of work from OH&S to lower the cost of abatement. Services were rendered in a timely manner which enabled Cedarglen Living to stay within its projected time budget. I would recommend Homeworks Restoration for any future water/fire damage restoration or asbestos/ mold abatement projects.

    J.L. Dumont
  • The Calgary Homeless Foundation engaged Homeworks Restoration to complete abatement work on a 9 unit building scheduled for demolition to make way for the new construction of a 30 unit assisted living facility in June of 2014. This work was completed on time and within budget with Homeworks staff working over a weekend to ensure that the abatement work would be completed on schedule in a very professional manner. Past the physical work itself, John worked very hard to minimize costs in all areas within acceptable safety standards and made every effort to reduce expenditures which is paramount to any developer especially a non-profit organization. I have always found this area of work to have a large variance in estimated costs from one company to another with many grey areas and John by far offered the most detailed breakdown of required work along with working with us and OH&S to minimize costs when able. Homeworks will certainly be invited to quote on upcoming Calgary Homeless Foundation projects and I have no problem providing them with a reference.

    M. Vermunt
  • Homeworks Restoration (“Homeworks”) provided services to us in two occasions over the last 18 months. Firstly, we used Homeworks for the removal of asbestos insulation from the attic of our family house. The service agreement was delivered and executed timely prior to the start of the fieldwork. We were impressed with their professionalism, their attention to details and their diligence in following the agreed upon delivery of the services. Security is taken seriously with Homeworks. Industry standards were strictly followed and removal of the asbestos was handled with extreme care. It was reassuring for our family to see Homeworks’s diligent approach in complying with the strictest health and safety requirements. Finally, Homeworks coordinated the air sample testing with an independent lab, which forwarded the certificate of analysis directly to us. We used Homeworks again in a different capacity, this time handling sewage back up caused by the flood of 2013. Homeworks came on site quickly to address the situation and started the work promptly. Again, we found Homeworks to be very professional and knowledgeable with the task at hand. Every precaution was taken prior to executing the work, such as testing material for asbestos content. The scope of the work was demolition, removal of the debris, clean up, decontamination and drying floors and structure of our basement. Homeworks is very familiar with the insurance requirements. Homeworks provided emergency estimate within 2 weeks of the flood followed with a cost of rebuilding report allowing us to submit our insurance claims promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend Homeworks to any client.

    B. Richard
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